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Homeopathy treats allergic problems effectively

Brijesh (name changed), a 29-year-old journalist, reported that he was “allergic to everything, including air.” He said that he had relentless itching around his nostrils and mouth, with violent sneezing, pain in the bridge of the nose and profuse, watery saliva. His nasal discharge was thin and watery — almost like egg white. His eyes appeared swollen, scratchy and soggy. He told us that when he went to sleep, he had an irritating post-nasal drip, leading to a raw feeling in his throat. He also complained of “unwanted” workplace stress, cough, sinusitis and a migraine-type of headache. He felt better in open air; worse, indoors and under stress. We prescribed him the homeopathic remedy, Natrum Muriaticum. Brijesh called us a week later to say his nose was relatively dry. There was no itching; and, his sneezing bouts had reduced significantly. By the time he came for follow-up a month later, his nasal anguish had receded completely.

Allergies often get worse when the affected individual is stressed, eats an unhealthy diet and leads a sedentary life. If household allergens, or allergy-causing substances, are thought to be the cause of the problem, the affected person should walk in fresh, open air for at least half-an-hour, return home and not “whiff” a room freshener, or perfume. If a substance triggers excessive sneezing, it is the likely source of the allergic reaction. It should be removed from home.

Homeopathy treats the individual; it does not limit treatment to the diagnosis of an illness alone. When you are ill, your illness has its own unique pattern of symptoms. You will tend to get such illnesses that result from a particular pattern of imbalance with your defence mechanism — one that is unique to your personal temperament and susceptibility. Yet, the interesting fact is — people with the same illness, or diagnosis, may not be prescribed the same homeopathic remedy. The reason being there are dozens of homeopathic medicines for allergy. The skin allergy you present with will require a certain homeopathic remedy that matches with your specific, or unique, pattern of symptoms. Your friend’s allergy, triggered by dust, or pollution, will, likewise, require an entirely different homeopathic remedy.