Homeopathy gets to the ‘root cause’ of your hair loss

Forty-one-year-old Ruchi (name changed) had lived through a turbulent marriage and an equally chaotic divorce. She looked distraught. She described feeling frightened upon waking that her “marriage was dead” — but, more terrified about her daughter’s future. She reported that she was “losing all her hair and her sanity.” We prescribed her the homeopathic remedy, Ignatia. Six months later, Ruchi’s hair loss was fully under control; her self-confidence completely restored.

It would be interesting to know that not just heartache and emotional disconnect can lead to divorce and hair loss. A new research study, conducted at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, US, says that women living through a marriage gone sour, or marital break-up, may have to deal with hair loss.

The study also shows that apart from genetics, the next powerful forecast of hair loss among women is their marital status — the loss of a spouse either through divorce or death. This outcome is suggested to raise the risk for thinning hair beyond that of married or single women. In addition, smoking and alcohol excess, the study observed, contributed to thinning locks among both men and women, aside from overexposure to the sun and a sedentary lifestyle.

Hair loss near the top of the head among women is now being linked to diabetes and the presence of skin disease. Interestingly, overweight or being obese was associated with lower risk of hair loss — although the danger of other lifestyle disorders was high. The new study also found that women who used sun protection and were married had a lower overall risk of hair loss.

Another new study has found that emotional stress, dandruff, lack of exercise and high blood pressure increased, or amplified, hair loss in men. The study suggested that the way one handles stress can make a difference. Homeopathy is mind/body medicine. It connects powerfully to our mind and body and vice versa. It helps to bring about balance, place things in perspective, look at the emotional big picture in life and keep an open mind while dealing with stress. This is fundamental — getting to the “root cause” — for safe and effective treatment of hair loss.