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Homeopathy eases psoriasis without side-effects

Nineteen-year-old Sushma presented with psoriasis, a niggling problem that she suffered for 4-5 years. Nearly 75 per cent of her body was covered with ungainly psoriatic patches.  She said that she had taken conventional and other treatments, with very little or no relief at all. She looked extremely distressed and embarrassed with her skin lesions. She said that she thought of homeopathy as a last resort. During case-analysis, we could trace her psoriatic distress to stress.  What could have possibly triggered her problem was her teacher’s constant nagging — that she was “the most stupid girl with no future.” Sushma’s problem, we deduced, may have started slowly, thereafter. We also concluded that it was most likely that her psoriatic patches were the outcome of her suppressed emotions in the wake of sustained humiliation she experienced. We put her on the homeopathic remedy, Staphysagria. It took just twelve weeks for her awkward psoriatic scales to recede and heal.

Stress and emotional anguish often fan the flames of psoriasis, an auto-immune disorder. The irony also is that most psoriatic individuals experience amplified stress and depression. They tend to get into a vicious stressful cycle — this explains why psoriasis is a recurring chronic disease.

Homeopathy looks at psoriasis as a manifestation of internal turmoil in the body. It treats the individual that presents with psoriasis, not just the disorder alone, based on one’s distinctive symptoms — because, no two individuals with psoriasis have the same symptoms of the disorder. The homeopathic remedy Graphites is prescribed for psoriasis, when accompanied by extreme burning and stinging. The remedy is evidenced to be effective in psoriatic individuals, who are obese and sensitive to cold, or complain of lax bowels. Kali Arsenicum is, likewise, useful in psoriasis, when the individual complains of unbearable itching, especially while undressing.

Research demonstrates that homeopathy eases psoriasis effectively. A clinical study in the UK reports that 97 per cent of psoriasis patients who were treated with homeopathic remedies showed marked improvement in their skin condition, without side-effects. Another clinical study conducted in Germany reports that 81.1 per cent of psoriatic patients, treated with homeopathic remedies, found their skin symptoms improve or disappear completely.