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Homeopathy eases the distress of IBS gently

Niha (31) was first diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) when she was 25. Her presenting symptoms were loose stools, 3-4 times a day. She complained of excess bloating and gas. She said given a chance she’d hog on sweets — she just loved them. Her appetite seemed to be all right, but she grumbled that she felt terribly full “at the pit” the moment she started eating. She also presented with a red, hard bump on her skin. She said no “ideal,” or elimination, diet seemed to help. We prescribed her Lycopodium. When she came for follow-up, a fortnight later, she said she could eat a regular meal without feeling full. She also reported of reduced bloating and gas. Two months later, she said that she had just one “normal” bowel movement a day and felt “much better than any time before.” Her skin blemish too was on the verge of healing completely.

All of us have good and bad bacteria in our gut. This is nature’s balancing act. Yet, it’s not just eating, but also what goes on in our mind that leads to IBS misery. Low-fat-foods are suggested to be better, because they reduce inflammation. Conversely, fat- or junk-foods increase chemicals in our body; they are to blame for inflammatory responses, or reactions, in the gut. Some experts suggest that IBS individuals would benefit from eating low-glycaemic foods — for example, oatmeal. These foods convert into sugar less quickly in the bloodstream and prevent the expansion of bad bacteria in the gut.

IBS affects people of all ages; it tends to be more common before 35 years of age in more than half of the affected individuals. Statistics suggests that IBS affects an estimated 10.5 per cent of the population. Researchers believe that there may possibly be a tendency, which predisposes an individual to IBS. Homeopathy addresses this likely disposition; it treats the individual, not just one’s intestinal and bowel symptoms. IBS is, for instance, one of the most common conditions treated by professional homeopaths in the UK. Reports also suggest that there is promising clinical research regarding the effectiveness of holistic homeopathic medicines in the treatment of IBS.