Reaching out to the world

Dr. Batra's clinic opened in Vijayawada

VIJAYAWADA: Homeopathy is the medicine of the future and it will be well appreciated, especially in the southern region where the need for alternative medicine is fast expanding, says Daniel Raj, regional head (south) of Dr. Batra's.

At a press conference organised on the sidelines of the launch of the local branch of Dr. Batra's at Uttam Towers on the Mahatma Gandhi Road opposite Joy Alukas Jewellery showroom on Tuesday, Dr. Raj said homeopathy was gaining increasing popularity as a safe and gentle system of medicine across the world.

“It addresses the underlying causes of acute or chronic diseases, rather than treating just the symptoms of the disease. We aim to position homeopathy as the preferred choice of medication in India. We are confident that we will receive full support from the well-informed and knowledgeable people of this city,” he said.“The local clinic has modern structure and spreads over 700 sq. ft. and will offer holistic well-being experience. The areas of treatment will cover chronic diseases such as respiratory ailments, hair loss, psoriasis, allergies, white patches, weight management, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), women and children's ailments, and lifestyle and stress-related disorders among others,” he said.

Expansion plans

As part of its expansion plans, Dr. Batra's would open branches at Tirupati and Rajahmundry in a couple of months besides making its presence felt in places like Kodagu (Coorg), Jammu, Jodhpur, Puducherry, Nashik, Bhubaneswar, Patna, and Nagpur this year.