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Homeopathy treats stress from the ‘root’

No one is exempt from stress. Stress causes a number of biological changes; these are intended to activate the body’s “fuel” reserves. When we are impacted by stress, our pulse, blood pressure and breathing rate increases. This, in turn, augments the amount of available energy. Think of the phrase — “the pounding heart.” Besides beating rapidly under stress, the heart begins to pump a greater quantity of blood with each beat. The bronchial tubes now expand to channelise extra air with each breath. The blood vessels supplying the muscles expand as well. The palms of the hands and the soles of the feet begin to sweat.

Stress is evidenced to be one of the causative factors for lifestyle disorders, such as backaches and sleeplessness, hyperacidity, gas, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Stress also leads to amenorrhoea, or absence of menstruation, in women, aside from abnormal bleeding. In addition, hormonal imbalances caused by stress responses can cause fibroid tumours and endometriosis. Stress is also implicated in infertility problems in couples.

Shekar (39), a self-made entrepreneur, came to us with symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, gas and diarrhoea since 8-10 months. His symptoms would start just before or as soon as he’d submit a tender or contract. He had developed a few superstitions as a result, like not going to malls for “fear of suffocation.” He also preferred the staircase, not the lift, to reach his fifth floor office. On detailed analysis, we found that Shekar was an extremely edgy and sensitive person; his anxiety would shoot up if he had to attend a meeting at the appointed time. Based on his sense of anticipatory anxiety and gastric complaints, we prescribed him Argentum Nitricum. When he visited us a month later, he was a changed man. His anxiety no longer troubled him. He said that he could now spend time at the mall, or theatre, with his family, and use the lift to reach his office. Homeopathy believes that the mind and body interact in powerful ways that affect a person's health. This is what it aims to treat and correct from the inside-out, gently and safely — without side-effects.