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Homeopathy treats menopausal problems safely

Nearly 70 per cent of women experience menopausal symptoms. Menopause refers to the permanent stoppage of menses, between ages 45 and 55. A normal functional event, a result of conventional treatment and/or surgery, menopause is divided into 1. physiological and 2. psychological menopause. The former is related to declining ovarian function; the latter to the fact that a women’s reproductive life is at its closing stage.  Some women accept this change without any difficulty; others, owing to myths attached to the inevitable process, develop anxiety and emotional turmoil.

When a woman’s life changes from the ‘fertile’ to ‘non-fertile’ years, there may be weight gain, loss of sex drive and also hot flushes. It is suggested that hormonal changes are to blame for the onset of menopausal symptoms — this may in some instances last 5-7 years. Nearly 45 per cent of women who take treatment for their menopausal symptoms are given prescription hormones by conventional physicians. An equal number opt for the use of holistic treatment or natural therapies, such as homeopathy, for safe and effective relief, or they simply learn to live with symptoms as part of a woman’s life. It is a fact that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) comes with its share of problems — increased risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer etc.,

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle form of treatment. It helps to deal with women’s health issues, including menopausal problems, safely — as nature wanted it to be, without the side-effect profile of conventional medications or treatment. In a study, 80 out of 102 patients reported improvement of menopause symptoms after homeopathic treatment. The primary symptoms were hot flushes, sweating and tiredness, anxiety, sleeping problems, mood swings and headaches. Those referred to homeopathy could not take HRT, or HRT was unsuccessful, or did not want to, or had to come off HRT.

The homeopathic remedy Lachesis is useful during menopause with nosebleed, headache, hot flushes and burning on the vertex. It relieves the discomfort of women who may have never felt well since menopause. Other equally helpful remedies are Pulsatilla, Sepia etc., selected on the basis, or nature, of presenting symptoms in an office consultation with a homeopathic physician.