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Homeopathy treats asthma safely and surely

Asthma is a psychosomatic disorder — triggered by allergens’, dysfunctional relationships, domestic violence and stress. It Is a global problem. There are over 30 crore asthmatics in the world. It's reported that about 2,50,000 people die from asthma every year. Statistics also shows that asthmatic adults lose nearly 1.3 crore workdays each year.

The primary reason why asthma develops in some people, not In others, isn't well understood. However. certain risk factors. like allergies and stress have been identified — these are evidenced to make one susceptible to the condition. It must be remembered that not every case of "breathing misery" progress-es into asthma despite the presence of risk factors. Besides, asthma is not "set-o ff" by emotional factors alone. Researchers suggest that anxiety Is often the "effect" of asthma, not necessarily the "cause A combination of family history and exposure to allergens, like pollen and mould, mites, animal dander smoke and chemicals, are major trigger factors, likewise, certain conventional medications, like painkillers or certain foods, obesity or infections, can also "activate" asthma.

Anil (21) presented with asthma, which had troubled him for over 10 years. He was tired of using inhalers. steroids and sometimes Injections to combat asthma attacks. His regular activities were curtailed so much that his non-attendance affected his academics in turn, his grades. He was depressed and desperate. During case analysis, I found that Anil felt better by bending his head backwards. not forwards as Is the case with most asthmatics. Based on this unique indication, I gave him Hepar Sulphuricum. The medicine not only relieved him of asthma, but with extended symptom-free periods he also got better grades. Generally asthmatics cough and feel breathless. This is typically better by bending forwards: It is often worse while lying on one's back. Here was a case that was special from the rest, in Its uncharacteristic presentation — of feeling better by bending backwards. This is the beauty and distinctive feature of homeopathy It treats the individual not based on the disorder alone, but also looks Into the finer aspects of one's unique temperament and Sensibilities.

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