Reaching out to the world

Homeopathy treats anger and anxiety gently

Homeopathy suggests that illness, or disease, is internal imbalance which first presents itself at our most fundamental levels. Illness, according to homeopathy, denotes an underlying imbalance — one that shows itself as symptoms. Symptoms are our body’s response, or reaction, to this imbalance. Homeopathy, a natural, holistic system of medicine, aims to address these symptoms that externalise, or “speak,” through our mind and use them as a means for corrective treatment.

Every homeopathic remedy is characterised by a particular state of mind. All of us, at some point, experience a particular condition of illness. This state reflects our individual response to the world around us. It also influences how we think, feel, talk, behave, act, or even react. Homeopathic medicines bring about subtle changes at our mental and emotional levels. For example, a person who has suppressed his/her anger, or shame, from being a “victim” in school, or the workplace, may find that he/she is, at long last, able to control anger in a healthy manner with the homeopathic medicine, Staphysagria.

Anger is more than just emotion. It’s a normal human attribute, so long as it does not go out of hand. Or, becomes destructive. When this happens, a few doses of Cuprum Metallicum would be useful to calm one’s negative storm. Likewise, when there’s excessive anger, ironically leading one to tears, Zincum Metallicum would be a handy remedy. Some people show extreme anger, accompanied by abrupt mood swings. A dose of Tarentula can bring about a calming change in them and in their wayward behaviour.

Anxiety is as old as the hills, a normal reaction to stress. It can play the spoilsport, or motivate us. For generalised anxiety, Gelsemium is a useful remedy. For someone who has intense anxiety spells, followed by panic attacks, Aconitum Napellus, can bring emotional quiet. For individuals showing extreme anxiety about health, Arsenicum Album comes like a breath of fresh air and also relief. Some people have what is called as anticipatory anxiety — anxiety before an event, such as an examination, a speech, or presentation. This can be quietly relieved with Lycopodium. It’s all in the mind. This is what homeopathy addresses and treats — gently.