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Homeopathy relieves asthmatic distress safely

Picture this. Most of us are unable to breathe freely, when we are severely allergic to odour, smoke, pollutants, pollen, moulds, house mites and dust. Or, imagine this — that you are caring parents monitoring every breath your child takes. Welcome to the living rooms of millions of people suffering from asthma. Asthma comes from the Greek word, aazein, which means, “to exhale with open mouth; to pant.” It is this typical feeling in asthma that makes its “subjects” run out of breath.

Asthma is a psychosomatic disorder — triggered by allergens, dysfunctional relationships and stress. It not only disrupts our families' normal functioning, but also deflates the affected individual’s belief in their abilities. For most asthmatics, life is a big challenge. Yet, have we not seen asthmatic individuals attaining a great deal of success and renown in life, when drawn to tough situations? Take for example, the legendary Olympian athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee, who battled asthma and achieved superstardom. 

Homeopathy is extremely effective and safe in relieving the spasmodic dilemma of asthma. In a study conducted at the University of Glasgow, UK, over 80 per cent of patients, given a homeopathic remedy, showed improvement, while only 38 per cent of patients given a placebo (dummy pill) experienced a similar degree of relief. I remember a case of a sensitive child whose asthma attacks coincided with his father’s foreign trips — this was triggered by feelings of separation. A few doses of Magnesium Carbonicum, a homeopathic remedy, was just enough to make him feel all right and free of asthmatic episodes.

Homeopathy treats asthmatic symptoms that are unique to the individual, not just the outward signs — because, no two asthmatic individuals present with the same symptoms. For asthma with rattling cough, worse at 4.00am, and better with the windows open, Antimonium Tartaricum is useful. For asthma with wheezing, worse at 12.00am, and better by warmth, Arsenicum Album is helpful. For children, who complain of nausea and loose cough, which they cannot expel, Ipecacuanha is handy. Likewise, Natrum Sulphuricum is effective for asthma caused by dampness, while Nux Vomica is useful in asthma triggered by food excess. Trust homeopathy, and breathe with ease and freedom