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Homeopathy heals pain in your joints

Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of man's oldest afflictions. Its name Is derived from the Greek, "osteo." refers to bones: "orthro." to Joints involved: and. "it is," relates to the inflammatory process of the disorder. OA is characterised by loss of cartilage and joint degeneration. It is generally more common In men at age 45: in women over age 45,50. The worst part Is OA can rob one's ability to handle, or manage, day-to-day activities. When It worsens, It may con-fine one to bed — for days. To start with though, It may affect one Joint, or multiple joints ,although It may vary in its intensity or severity. So, one may experience different degrees of pain — from a mild twinge and stiffiness, or crippling aches, to deformity of the joints.

Ritika(46) was diagnosed with OA by her orthopaedic doctor. She was put on anti-inflammatory medications: this slowly led to tummy distress, hyperacidity, bloating and diarrhoea. As Par as her bone pains were concerned, this did not go beyond temporary or short-term, relief. When we probed Into Ritika's life space, we found that she had a traumatic past with recurrent abortions, and was now a mother of three children — this was sapping her energy and making her extremely irritable. She would ill-treat her children, yell at her husband and make everyone's life, including hers, a living hell. Based on these symptoms and her slender build, we prescribed her Sepia OffIcinalis, along with regular hot and cold fomentation and exercise. This made her stand on her feet, gradually: It also brought harmony back into her family life.

How did homeopathy restore Ritika's painful Joints back to health? Homeopathy is based on the law of individualisation: in other words, It looks at the person behind the patient. Hence, the prescription Is not merely based on the illness, but also on the individual's reaction to illness. Homeopathic medicines are selected on the basis of what makes the Individual's complaints unique — such as symptoms. Personality values, beliefs, habits, life experiences and emotions. Put simply, homeopathy not only eases Joint pains, safely and gently, it also adds life to one's Joint health and good health to one's Years.

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