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Homeopathy for Recession

Recession spells out losses – of jobs, homes, assets, and above all, peace of mind. Most people find it difficult to deal with depleted standards of living, leading to mental conflict and frustration. A decline in wasteful expenditures and an altered value system are inevitable outcomes. These are tough times and the global meltdown has affected the pockets of even the rich and the famous as well as the bold and the beautiful, with practically every person and every sector feeling the pinch.

However, looking at the brighter side of recession can help to cope with the situation. Recession gives you time to look after yourself, bond with your family and reunite with lost friends. It gives you time to do all those little things in life – reading, walking, listening to music – which you never had time for when you were busy making money.

Cost-cutting and staying healthy are a priority during recession; therefore, Homeopathy is an ideal option. Besides, since homeopathic remedies boost the body’s immunity, they play a vital role in preventive medicine. Homeopathy, being mind and body medicine, can facilitate a restoration of physical health along with a catharsis of emotions to improve the psychological health. Stress-induced disorders that are on the rise on account of recession like anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, and a host of other diseases can be treated safely and surely through Homeopathy, which individualises every case to treat the patient in disease and not the disease in the patient.

A remedy like Bryonia could be indicated for physical complaints brought on by the emotional impact of a great financial loss. Nux Vomica would be useful in treating an irritable person who is constantly worried about work. Nervous diarrhea following bad news may respond to Gelsemium. Thus, paying a small price to stay healthy makes more sense than shelling out big amounts at a later stage.

(This article is based on excerpts from Dr. Mukesh Batra’s keynote address at the Indo Thai Economic Cooperation Seminar held at Bangkok, where he was honoured with the Pride of India Award that was presented to him by the former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. Korn Dabbaransi.)