Homeopathy treats the itchy misery of dermatitis safely

Little Anuj (3) was brought to our clinic. He was suffering from ‘itchy’ dermatitis (eczema) all over his body. His t-shirt and shorts were stained with pus and blood. His parents informed us that Anuj suffered from this agony since birth. They had tried the best of conventional treatment, but in vain. No amount of steroid creams and emollients provided any relief to Anuj. On performing a detailed case-analysis, we found that Anuj was highly irritable, crying and screaming all the time.


Interestingly, he was comparatively calm when he was carried by someone. However, when he was put down on his bed to sleep, he would start yelling and also get violent. We asked his mother about her emotional state during pregnancy; she revealed that she went through a lot of suppressed emotions and anger at that time. Based on her suppressed anger during pregnancy and excessive anger in her child, we gave Anuj Chamomilla. This not only reduced the itchiness, eruptions and discharges, but also calmed him down and made him sleep soundly. His eruptions too reduced — this was something that had not happened before.


Stress during pregnancy, high pressure at work, problems in relationships, certain life events, or even rejection of an unwanted pregnancy, may have a major impact on the newborn child — in the form of allergies, recurrent coughs and colds and failure to thrive. Homeopathic medicines are sometimes prescribed not only on the basis of the patient’s past or family history, but also on the basis of certain emotional reactions during the mother’s pregnancy.


Homeopathy not only removes dermatitis from its ‘roots,’ it also prevents the possibility of recurrence — a worrying prospect of conventional treatment. The homeopathic remedy, Graphites, for instance, is useful in ‘moist’ dermatitis, with a sticky fluid oozing from inflamed patches. Sulphur is, likewise, effective in ‘dry’ dermatitis.


In addition, wearing cotton clothes and ‘maintaining’ an ‘even’ temperature, would be helpful, since rapid temperature changes can cause itching. One should also avoid using clothes and bed covers made of synthetics, wool and other materials with a rough texture — they can irritate the skin. Hot baths can cause itching; tepid water would be better.


(Excerpted from the new bestseller, Healing with Homeopathy, by Dr Mukesh Batra. The book is available at all leading bookstores and Dr Batra’s Clinics).