Homeopathy takes the pressure off your blood pressure safely

Mayank’s blood pressure had been rising all along. The only problem was he wasn’t aware of it. He was totally into his demanding job as marketing manager with a top-notch company. He was alerted during a routine medical check-up at his workplace, which firmly believes in corporate well-being.

Coming from a family of homeopathic followers and adherents, Mayank came to see us and find out how homeopathy could help him. Mayank did not have any apparent symptoms of high blood pressure — so, we had to confer with him and take up his case in sequential detail. In accordance with homeopathic practice, we began to ask him seemingly unconnected questions about his sleep patterns, stresses in life, bowel habits, or digestion, and other concerns. The reason being, all problems and experiences in the mind and body, from the homeopathic standpoint, are related. It is only by balancing the body’s internal mechanisms can true healing take place.

We prescribed Mayank Argentum Nitricum, because he was the social type and a warm human being. He was emotional when it came to talking about his family. He worried for their happiness. He also felt apprehensive while thinking about his impending business meetings — this would bring on diarrhoea. Although Mayank loved sweets and pastries, they made him go “under the weather.” After three months of homeopathic treatment, Mayank reported good progress. His blood pressure levels were under control; so were his anxiety and apprehension. He looked forward to his meetings with confidence, not with a wobbly, “butterflies in the stomach” feeling. This is the beauty of holistic homeopathic healing.

In many cases of hypertension, or high blood pressure, where blood pressure control with conventional medications is only partial, the individual may be at a risk — of possible complications. Homeopathy, in such instances — albeit not in extremely acute, life-threatening cases — can play a complementary role, in achieving safe and effective control.

A group of people suffering from mild-to-moderate hypertension were enrolled in a clinical study comparing individualised homoeopathic therapy with placebo (dummy pill). Successful results were obtained in 82 per cent of subjects using homoeopathy, as compared to 57 per cent of subjects using a placebo.