Hair transplant – the natural way

What is the difference between hair weaving and hair transplant?
Hair weaving is a procedure in which artificial hair is weaved with the person’s existing hair to make the hair look denser. This method is temporary lasting only for 3-4 mths, looks unnatural and often results in damage to the natural hair due to the weaving procedure.
Hair transplant, on the other hand, gives you permanent, natural, growing hair that lasts forever! It’s a procedure in which your own hair — taken from a hair-dense area of the scalp — is grafted onto the balding areas giving you a completely natural and youthful look.


Is hair transplant a permanent procedure?
Yes, transplanted hair are permanent, grow just like normal hair and remain forever. They require no special maintenance.  Transplanted hair look normal and can be washed, combed, cut and styled giving an excellent aesthetic result.


Who is an ideal candidate for a hair transplant?
Men with Male Pattern Baldness (hereditary balding) who lose hair from the top and frontal portion of the head are ideal candidates. This type of hair loss often results in looking prematurely old and gives rise to loss of self-confidence. Women suffering from diffuse hair loss can also benefit from this procedure. There is no age limit , we have carried out transplants even on people above 80 yrs of age.


Is one hair transplant enough or does the procedure have to be repeated?
Hair transplant is generally a one-time procedure. However, if the person has a larger area to be covered which requires more than 3,000 grafts, this cannot be achieved in one sitting.


Is a hair transplant painful ?
Not at all. While undergoing a hair transplant procedure you can watch tv, read a book and take coffee breaks. It is not painful to undergo.


Why B Perfect ?
Having carried out more than 200 hair transplants in 3 cities, B Perfect comes with a lot of expertise and an assurance of quality and results. Highly qualified plastic surgeons who are further trained by international experts carry out the hair transplant procedures at a very cost effective price.