Homeopathy treats IBS effectively

Vinita (34), suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), with gas, bloating, diarrhoea and food sensitivities, as well as shortness of breath. Her job as a freelance accountant required her to go from office to office. She was beginning to crack under the stress of continually starting over in new places, meeting new people, getting used to new accounting systems and leaving again. She complained that her work was “going down the hill” as a consequence.

When I began to take her case, Vinita told me that every time she had a day off from work and stayed at home, she felt much better. She also said that she did not “feel out of breath and that she could breathe more easily.” I attributed this to the odd instance she got to relax. However, I felt that there were other factors causing her bowel distress.

When I asked about her home and work environments, she told me that her home was well-ventilated. Most of her work environments, she said, had poorly ventilated interiors and polluted surroundings. I call them “sick buildings.” Vinita was catching their illness, a contemporary dilemma. Sick buildings affect the respiratory system. This can not only lead to difficulty in breathing, but also anxiety, the probable cause of Vinita’s IBS. It must also be said that emotional triggers aren’t the only cause of some of our illnesses, our physical surroundings may also play as much of a causative role. I advised Vinita to sit in areas that weren’t messed up with dusty papers and away from photocopiers and areas where mould found a welcoming abode.

When we treat patients with IBS, we homeopaths take the complete medical history, analysing food preferences and IBS triggers. We “zero-in” on a suitable homeopathic remedy, primarily on the basis of the individual’s unique symptoms. I prescribed Vinita Arsenicum Album, based on her presenting symptoms as also her temperament: caring, sensitive and balanced in good health, but subject to agitation, stress and extreme trepidation about illness, with a profound need for reassurance. It is three years now and Vinita is completely free of symptoms that, for long, had troubled her health and work.