Homeopathy treats psoriasis safely

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disorder of the stan and characterised by red patches or plaques on skin, covered by silvery scales. It Is not contagious. One cannot get psoriasis if one touches someone having psoriasis, or swims In the same swimming pool.

Psoriasis often runs In families. For example, If both parents are affected, their children have a 60 per cent chance of developing the condition. Common causes of psoriasis are stress, a distressing life event, skin injury, and strep throat.” Most individuals report that their problem first appeared after experiencing a stressful situation or event. What activates psoriasis Is not universal to all. What may cause psoriasis In one Individual may not trigger the disorder in another. When not suitably treated, psoriasis can lead to complications — most notably, thickened skin, bacterial skin infections, anxiety. depression, low self esteem, and also social withdrawal.

Clinical research studies conducted in the UK and Germany evidence that 81 - 97 per cent or psoriastic cases treated with homeopathy showed distinct Improvement, with no side-effects. A  study published in "Me Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and venereology, a conventional medical journal, also reported that psoriasis patents experienced significant improvement In their quality of life and reducton in their psoriasis symptoms with homeopathic treatment.

Fourteen-year-old Asha had psoriasis since age eight, following her fathers death. She stopped going to school, owing to her ungainly psoriatic patches, and stayed at home watts her grandma. When I analysed her case, i found that she was greatly attached to her father and missed him badly. Homeopathy believes that its basically one's latent, or underlying, psychosomatic factors that 'activate? skin problems like psoriasis. Children are like sponge: they absorb emotions. They too, like grownups, mirror emotional expressions by way of outwardly manifestations — most often on the skin. Asha expressed her feelings of emotional uncertainty, along with emotional disconnection. This was actually the primary cause of her psoriatc patches. When her feelings were addressed with Magnesium Carbonicum, a homeopathic remedy, which is almost 'specific' to problems of emotional Insecurity and separation,  she was able to overcome her scaly distress —quickly and safety.