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Dr Akshay Batra,dy managing director of Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Pvt Ltd Shares his knowledge on hai fall and other hair problems along with skin alinments that people might suffer from due to change in the environment . Radhika chhotai finds out more.

Reasons for hair problems

 Contrary to common belief that hair is more affected by external environment, hair is a medical problem and it is affected more by the internal body changes than the environmental changes. One of the main reasons for hair problems or hair loss is lack of iron in Indian women. This is mainly because of excessive fasting and lack of iron in the vegetarian food that they eat. Thyroid can also be one of the reasons for hair-fall.

Hair treatment

One should eat more of green-leafy vege-tables, which are high in iron and protein and should try and use as less chemicals as possible. So, in place of a hair gel, we suggest that people should use aloevera, which will give the same effect but will not have any chemicals. The hairstyle should be loose and free so that the hair is not strained and will not break. Also keep your hair open while you sleep at night.

Dandruff remedies

More than using anti-dandruff shampoos, I think the old home remedies have always worked better for dandruff. Just apply some curd and lemon mixture on your scalp. Keep the hairdryer six inches away from the scalp and avoid using hair straighteners and curlers as far as possible.

Skin ailments

There are 2500 types of skin ailments and one thing that can solve them is sufficient amount of water. Water is of utmost importance for any skin type and hence drinking water is very important especially during winters when skin tends to dry a lot.

Skin remedies

To reduce the dryness of the skin, one should try and use more of cold moisturisers and Vaseline. One should also try to use milder soaps like pears. The lesser the use of cosmetics the better as that will prevent oil build up. Even when you use cosmetics try and remove it off as quickly as possible. Use of mild face wash, which has fewer chemicals and more natural resources, should be used.