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Autism Diagnosis

Autism is usually diagnosed by the age of three. Early diagnosis and treatment often helps to improve the outcome for patients.

Diagnosis includes the following:

  • physical examination (may include neurological examination)
  • medical history (includes family history, birth history and records of early development)
  • medical tests (to rule out other conditions)
  • physicians use various screening tools to evaluate their development, communication and language skills and interaction with others

How to manage a child with autism

Homeopathic treatment is recommended with the following therapies as per the child’s needs:

Occupational therapy: this helps the child to be independent by teaching basic skills like dressing/undressing, hygiene and cleanliness.

Physical therapy: this helps the child perform regular physical exercise to develop better control over body movements.

Behaviour modification: there are several methods of behaviour modification that help overcome problems of repetitive and aggressive behaviour. Behaviour modification helps children with autism master necessary skills required for daily functioning.

Sensory integration therapy: this is a type of behaviour modification that focuses on helping children with autism deal with problems of external stimulation, such as pain, touch, noise, smell, etc. The child is given repeated exposure in a designed way in order to develop an appropriate response towards certain stimulations.

Play therapy: this type of behaviour modification is used to improve emotional development, social skills and learning. It involves an interaction between the child and an adult, which is controlled by the child.

Communication therapy: this helps in developing communication skills for children who are not able to communicate verbally. It also helps autistic children develop language and speech.

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