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Dr.Batra’s Review / Testimonial of Patients

Nisbat Ali - Professional
New Delhi
After my 30th session of groHAIR I am very satisfied with the treatment. I felt good at the end of every session, doctors and staff are very helpful and cooperative.
Pallavi Goel - Housewife
New Delhi
My experience at Dr Batra's has been good, there is healthy improvement in my hair fall.However, I could avail treatment irregularly due to my health reasons.
Ankita Sinha - Professional
New Delhi
The treatment is satisfactory. Changes are Prominent.Even the conduct and behaviour of the Doctors and the staff members is appreciable.
Ashish Mahaur - Professional
New Delhi
Initially the allergy was very active and allopathic medicines only gave temporary relief. But treatment at Dr Batra's has given stable relief. The allergic level in blood has reduced quite a lot. Hoping for complete relief this year.
Parul Mehta - Housewife
I came to Dr Batra's, Vadodra clinic for hair fall, it has been a very good experience. I was referred to Dr Batra's by my relatives. My hair fall has stopped and treatment has been successful. Dr Batra's doctors and staff are very good and very cooperative.
Vipin Nambiar - Professional
I have been taking medications and treatment from Dr Batra's® for regarding my patchy hair loss and solemly declare fully satisfied with the results of the treatment provided to me. Thanking Doctors and staff of Dr Batra's® for successful treatment of Alopecia Areata. I suggest Dr Batra's® for any related issues without any sort of side-effects, pain and extra efforts.
Nita J - Housewife
Dr Batra's® treatment has proven to be very effective for me, my psoriasis is 100% cured and I am very happy. Homeopathy is one of the most effective
Dhanesh Vijayan - Professional
After 4 months of medication and consultation, have relieved from facial acne. Thank you, Dr Batra's®
Rajkumar Bhatt - Professional
I am father of Ishan Bhatt who is 2 1/2 years old. He was having a small patch in his head. We felt that it is Alopecia Areata, so we immediately came to Dr Batra's® clinic and met Dr Ashwati, after her assesment and advice we started the treatment. In 4-5 months of treatment we saw the results. We are very thankful to Dr Batra's® clinic and specially to Dr Ashwati the way she handled the care and gave us confidence and finally Ishan is 100% cured.
Mohammed Junaid - Businessman
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
In the past 2 years of treatment, I have noticed significant progress with my hair growth, which is something I never thought, would be possible. The same progress was noticed with my skin condition. Thanks to Dr. Kavita and her prescription to homeopathy medicine that helped cure my condition. I would definitely recommend homeopathy treatment to anyone with any type of hair and skin problem.

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