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Dr.Batra’s Review / Testimonial of Patients

Atif W - Self Employed
Ghaziabad, India
I was suffering from Psoriasis for about 3 years. I am getting my treatment from Dr. Batra’s for last eighteen months and now my problem is almost gone. My regular life is back on track now. Thank you Dr. Batra’s and especially Dr Jaswant Singh who has helped me a lot and supported me all the way. Carry on all the good work.
Kasheesh P - Artist
Goa, India
The reason I chose Dr. Batra’s treatment was to cure my acne and hair loss problem. With treatment, my skin has healed well and the acne is now gone. My hair loss and dandruff problem has also reduced considerably and I’m happy with the results. Thanks to Dr Milind Sawant.
S. Chatterjee - Import & Export
Nagpur, India
I have noticed good improvement. Earlier, the acne was far more frequent and more in number and severity. Now, the outbreaks are visible reduced. I wish to continue treatment for some more time so that my problem does not come back again. Dr Shriti is very helpful, cordial and extremely friendly. She sets a comfortable atmosphere which enables easy and detailed interaction. Many thanks to Dr Shriti and to Dr. Batra’s for curing me.
Kailas Kasar - Student
Mumbai, India
Dr Shweta gave me excellent treatment. She understood my problem very well and gave good advice. I can say medicines have given me good results because my immunity has improved and my breathing problem (asthma) had come under good control. My life is back on track now, thanks to Dr. Batra’s treatment. I am happy with the treatment and medicine.
S Mashelkar - Creative Designer
Goa, India
I was referred to Dr Batra’s by my friend. I had this problem of digestion and loose motions; I used to go to the toilet after every meal. After starting treatment from Dr. Batra’s, my digestion problem is solved. I have also gained weight now. I feel relaxed, fresh, and more energetic at work place. I can concentrate on my work better than before. In short ‘All is well’! Thanking Dr Batra’s, especially Dr Milind Sawant for the excellent treatment.
Natwar S - Businessman
New Delhi, India
Meeting with Dr Sarabjeet Kaur was very satisfactory. She explained about my problem in detail and advised me the dos and don’ts very clearly. I have psoriasis and it was diagnosed right here at Dr Batra’s. I didn’t know what exactly psoriasis was, why does it happen and many other things but after coming here, I came to know almost everything about this disease that I should know. Dr Sarabjeet treated me very well and with great patience. She answered all my queries. I want to thank her for her treatment.
M. Noronha - Investment Banker
Vadodara, India
I had basically come in for hair treatment, but ended up getting treated for asthma and allergies as well. My treatment has been going on for 2 years now and there has been a lot of visible improvement. My allergies and asthma which would continue all year round earlier are now just seasonal; additionally the severity has reduced drastically. I am being treated by Dr Harin Dani and have felt that he is very concerned about the welfare of his patients and the care and concern shown is very genuine and not as if it’s just his job. The clinic here at Vadodara is well maintained and the staff is also very helpful and caring. Thanks a lot for everything and keep up the good work.
Hema K - Self Employed
Ghaziabad, india
The medical officer, Dr Rajendra Prasath, is keen in understanding our problem then and there. His advice to us is very nice. The follow ups are good. Doctor’s approach in curing the problem is to be appreciated to a great extent. We were taken care of very well for which we will be grateful forever. Thanks Dr. Batra’s and wishing you all the best and all success.
V Sharma - Sales Executive
Gurgaon, India
The medicine for my stomach problem has been very effective. I have seen lot of improvement in the stomach problem and more importantly I have now observed that my state of mind is a lot better compared to what it was a year ago when I used to get worried about my ailment. This is a lot better now because I know that I’m in good hands. Thanks to Dr Hemesh Thakur. He is very caring.
R Kalra - Travel & Tourism
New Delhi, India
We are really privileged to have a doctor like Dr Neeraj Bangia. His excellent care really worked for our daughter. With the treatment taken, she has been cured of her frequent colds and cough and her stamina has also improved. Our hearty thanks to Dr Neeraj Bangia and to Dr. Batra’s for this.

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