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Cervical Spondylitis - Overview

The person who coined the term ‘Pain in the neck’ must have surely experienced how annoying and troublesome neck pain can be and may be this is why he assigned it to people or tasks that cause trouble.

Affirming the same, statistics actually show that Cervical Spondylitis is indeed the commonest cause of neck pain in people above the age of 55 years! It goes without saying that this condition is mainly caused by age-related changes due to wear and tear that occur in the backbone (vertebrae) of the neck region.

Homeopathy can offer significant pain relief as well as good control of the other symptoms associated with this condition. At Dr. Batra's, our experience and expertise in treating this condition for the past 35 years has helped us to give good results in most cases. The holistic treatment at Dr. Batra's has helped many patients to achieve good pain control and lead a better quality of life.

Cervical Spondylitis