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The day I completed my internship, I joined Dr Batra’s and my journey of 15 years with Dr Batra’s has been wonderful. I quickly realized that it was the best career decision I had made because the variety and number of cases that I see here in one year, I would not have seen those in 10 years of private practice – so vast is the experience I have gained here. I have seen this company grow, the people around me grow and it feels great to be a part of such an esteemed institution. I have learnt from others, I have even trained others; I have been part of strategic decisions, administration and even recruitments and have gained rich experience at this place. The joy of curing people is immense and I experienced it in the true sense at Dr Batra’s. I have the freedom to take my decisions in the best interest of the patients and I truly appreciate this trust that the company puts in me. It’s indeed an honour for me to be a part of this institution.
Dr Tejal Ajmera, Kandivali, Mumbai

A feeling of being safe and secure was experienced by me on the very first day of my inception at Dr Batra’s. Even though I started out here after leaving my 10-year old private practice, I have learnt a lot at Dr. Batra’s. For a person to be in form is temporary but to be in class is permanent – that is what I realized over a period of 6 years under the glowing banner of Dr Batra’s. There is uniformity everywhere and the same is being naturally passed by each one of us to our vast database of patients.
Dr Sejal Parekar, Borivali, Mumbai

I have been working at Dr Batra’s since the last 10 years and I am very happy and satisfied with my work. The company has given me a wonderful platform to grow as a person and to be a part of the company growth too. All through the last 10 years, the company has been providing a lot of training for knowledge enhancement and better patient handling and my confidence level has increased significantly, thanks to this. Dr Batra’s is an institute where we can treat a vast variety of disorders, even rare ones and help them with our expertise.
Dr Santosh Gaikar, Vashi, New Mumbai

"The years teach much which the days never know."
I had joined Dr Batra’s 7.5 years back as a fresher and today I am serving as a Group Head for a part of Mumbai. The journey and the growth has been great. The experience at Dr. Batra’s is huge; I have got good exposure to all kind of patients – acute and chronic. I have seen many rare cases and handled them successfully. What my doctor friends get to learn in years, I get to learn here in months – so huge is the patient base and exposure. At Dr. Batra’s, I also got the opportunity to groom my management skills, and I can proudly say that I have got excellent opportunity and recognition here.
Dr Vaishali Kamat, Thane

In February 2005, I passed the exams at Dr Batra’s, the world's largest chain of homeopathic clinics and joined their Ultadanga clinic at Kolkata and till date I am with this company. Being a homeopathic doctor at Dr Batra’s, has given me a lot of exposure to what homeopathy can actually do. At Dr Batra’s I got to handle some of the toughest, challenging and even incurable cases which I, probably, would have never seen in my private practice. It demands high level of technical skills, knowledge, hard work and excellent medical expertise to handle such cases and all this I learnt only at Dr Batra’s. I also receive huge appreciation from patients, colleagues and management for all my work. I strongly recommend that any doctor who wants to excel in the field of homeopathy should definitely get associated with Dr Batra’s.
Dr Sourangshu Banerjee, Ultadanga, Kolkata

We received excellent training to help boost our confidence and to let us know about the noble thinking of our company. It has also helped me to realize my mistakes and to improve myself so that I can have the satisfaction within.
Dr Anupkumar Patel, Chowpatty, Mumbai

What I like the most about Dr Batra’s is that it gives a huge platform to freshers so that they can enhance their knowledge, confidence and a gain a bright future.
Dr Deepti Lunge, Fatimanagar, Pune

First of all I would like to thank Dr Batra’s for giving us new doctors a chance to build a bright future. The training given here is very good. There’s a lot to learn, to enjoy, to live homeopathy to the fullest.
Dr Deepti Kasbe, Kapil Towers, Pune

All international standards are followed here and I re-discovered homeopathy in such a beautiful way, that I had never seen before. Dr Bindu would be my ideal as she made me feel how wonderful homeopathy is and all the opportunities we have as doctors at Dr Batra’s.
Dr Ritu, Chandigarh

Thank you very much for the appreciation and recognition of my hard work in service of the patients. And many thanks also for awarding me the ‘Certificate of Excellence – Wow Award’ and making me a service star. It was a very happy moment for me and I had a feeling of great pride to be a part of this esteemed institution. I will continue to work for the benefit of the patients and well-being of the company.
Dr Siddiqa Khushtar, Nariman Point, Mumbai